December 17, 2015


#asklily  THANK YOU

Christmas 2015 is around the corner and I want to use this opportunity and thank many wonderful people that have supported me or inspired me during this year.
2015 was a positive and productive year in many ways. Not only professionally as a new self-published Author, but also personally.

First and foremost my biggest Thank you and appreciation goes to God. Yes, the mighty one. :-) Even if I sometimes have my doubt if he’s actually listening and has time to care for me, because of all the mess that is going on in our world. Who can blame him? The humans are behaving like animals and have forgotten all the human values.

My most important Thank you goes of course to the sunshine of my life. My Angel of hope, my beautiful and multi-talented mum Sima. My mum is incredible supportive and encourages me daily with her selfless love, understanding, motivation and optimisms. She is not only my mother, but my best friend. My BFF for Life. Mami I love you so much. Thank you for inspiring me with stories for my books and supporting me with the Illustrations of Monsieur Jac Couture.

I also like to thank the PR Team at Palamedes PR @palamedespr, who supported me professionally as a new Writer and believed in my work from the beginning. You’re amazing and encouraged me to continue my writing. God bless each one of you: Jon, Anthony and Steve. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

I also would like to thank the wonderful Kirstie Mccrum @kirstiemccrum for giving me the opportunity to share my story as a former Refugee and talk about my book “Destination: Freedom”. It was a pleasure talking to you for Mirror Online @DailyMirror and I will be always grateful for your kind support and honest concern for Refugees. You have a beautiful heart and as an Award-winning journalist, you have the power to make a change. Please keep up the good work. I know that we both feel and think the same for the refugee families in Calais, especially now on Christmas. God bless you and your loved ones. My best wishes for 2016!

My preciation also goes to Catherine Balavage @Balavage for my interview for Frostmagazine @frostmag. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Xmas and a happy new year.

And of course Female First @FemaleFirst_UK  for publishing two articles. “My 10 Facts about Refugees” and “My own experience as a refugee”. Thank you to the Female First team. Merry Christmas and happy 2016.

Even though the topic “Refugees in Europe” was at the highest level ever in the history (since WW2), many British newspapers and magazines didn’t give me the chance to use my voice including “The Guardian@Guardian  and other national Titles in UK. But I also want to thank them for this decision. Because your rejection made me start my own blog.
I realized that thanks to the Social media these days I don’t need the Media to speak out, I can do it myself. So thank you for not supporting me as an Indie-Author and the Refugee issue!
Talking about Social media, I’m still not a fan of certain platforms such as Facebook. But thanks to Twitter, I have found amazing people around the world like the beautiful and multi-talented American writer, artist and lawyer Julia Grantham @juliagrantham2. She’s a highly-regarded member of the Twitter family, a beautiful lady from in and out with a heart of Gold. Julia your support means the world to me. I want to thank you for your wonderful5 Star reviews on my children booksAngel of Hope & Lily” and “Peanut & Lily”. You are my Angel of kindness! Now I can’t wait to hear your honest opinion about my memoir “Destination: Freedom”.  I wish you and your family an amazing Christmas holiday. May all your wishes, dreams and goals come true in 2016.
Thank you to ALL my followers on Twitter for your Likes and Retweets. A big thank you to my Top-Followers and Authors: @MariaElenaWrite, @wgevans, @Alpha_Annelisa, @LMBrisky, @kevinsansbro, @TiberiusBlaze  and everyone that I haven’t mentioned. Your support is very appreciated. God bless each one of you. Have a wonderful Christmas and a super creative and productive new year.
Publishing my books as an Indie-Author wouldn’t have been possible with the great support of Amazon for Indie-Authors. I’m so extremely grateful and want to thank Createspace @CreateSpace an Amazon Company and @AmazonKDP for giving me and other desperate but talented Independent Authors a perspective, hope and goal in Life. What would I do without you? Also what would I do without the professional support from my Editors? Thanks to all of you.
One of my greatest experiences this year was taking part as a lyricist at the UKSongwritingContest @uksongwriting for the very first time, where three of my many lyrics were seen by professionals from the industry. Thank you to all the judges for awarding my lyrics with a UKSC Commended Entry Certificate and giving me a SONGU MEMBERSHIP and the chance to pitch my lyrics and also profit from a songwriting course. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. The UKSC 2015 result for my lyrics encourages me to continue writing more song lyrics and continue to work on my Musical project! God bless you all.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone and if I did I apologize. Merry Christmas to all my Readers, Twitter- and Blog followers. May 2016 be an awesome year filled with love, creativity, success and blessings for each one of you and your loved ones.

God bless!
Lily Amis


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