December 19, 2015

The power of meaningless words and actions


2015 has come to an end and I must say it was in general a positive and productive year for me. Even though I was confronted with unexpected emotional obstacles and personal disappointments which I’m writing about it now in the third part and last part of my trilogyDefinition of Love”. Despite the pain, I’m grateful for all the experiences I made and the people I met, because I learned allot about myself.   
As I mentioned in my previous post I will forget the negative events and delete the negative people from my mind that ONLY caused me heartbreak.  Because healthy relationships based on honesty and love are a two-way street and not a one-way street. Since one can’t buy and force friendship and Love not even the love from family, than I guess it is easier to pretend they don’t exist. This way I don’t have any expectations at all. This way I won’t feel any pain anymore. This way I won’t hope for a miracle. This way I don’t have unanswered questions anymore. I just let go and move on!
Also the more I think about certain people’s cold, unkind, rude and selfish behavior - even now from a time distance - the more speechless I get about the power of their heartless, godless and guiltless actions. The more I get upset about the power of meaningless, thoughtless words and actions!
I will never ever understand nor do I have empathy or understanding for people who act selfish and thoughtless towards others by knowing that we all are just short visitors to this life and should support each other instead of hurting, disappointing, destroying and poisoning one another!
I will never understand why people decide to lie into each other’s face instead of being open, honest and sincere!
I will never understand why people cheat or pretend Love and friendship, when honestly is the ONLY key to happiness!
I will never understand how people keep living in denial because it is more convenient than facing reality and the cause of their own stupid mistakes.
I will never understand why people toy with other people’s feelings, emotions and desires!
I will never understand why people have more than just ONE face!
I will never understand why people only do things for others with strategy and ulterior motives!

I will never understand why and how people dare to do or say hurtful things to each other!

I will never understand why people decide to reject honest Love, care and sincere friendship and act like a jerk!
I will never understand why people act selfish and only care about their own benefits regardless of the emotional damage they cause!
You see there's allot I don't understand and never will. I can’t change unkind, heartless and selfish people. I also can’t change our superficial society. But I certainly won’t let the society and evil people change me too. I won’t let cruel and heartless people destroy my strong believe and faith in humanity.
I will never ever give up my moral values and believes. Therefore I will never ever give up my hope in true friendship and honest relationships. I will never give up my hope in true love based on honesty and caring. Life is complicated, but true Love can uncomplicated it. True caring and compassion can change everything and make Life worth living.
So RIP to my feelings for ungrateful people from past. From now on I will only keep my eyes open for positive people, who will bring the best out of me and who will make me a better person. Who will make me feel special and priceless instead of thinking of people from the past that only made me feel worthless with their thoughtless and unkind behavior.
I misjudged certain people’s motivations and actions in this year and in the past because of their meaningless words and actions. I always believed what people told me and never had any doubt about their honesty. But I learned my lesson. I now know that "Honesty is a blessing, a priceless gift from God that NOT many people are privileged with!"

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