December 16, 2015

With or without a ring - Cheating is a sin!


As previously mentioned my mum and I spend a few days in beautiful Spain. On our flight to Barcelona I realized how a young, ordinary looking man, around 30 and French speaking, changed his seat just to get my and another ladies attention, who was sitting alone in the row in front of us. She was a young and pretty blond girl listening to music and didn’t even notice the guy during the entire flight.  He was sitting on the other side and pretending to be busy with his mobile watching a poker game.

Because of our delay and the technical problem in the cabin, I had plenty of time to observe his behavior. He was such an attention seeker, one of those who is self-centered and absolutely in love with himself.  It took a while until I saw that he was actually wearing a ring. It seemed to be a wedding ring because it was on his left hand. But these days you never know. Depending on the country and culture, it also could have been an engagement ring. But that’s not my point. Whether he was wearing an engagement ring or a wedding ring, this guy was obviously in a relationship. So I asked myself why on Earth are you trying so hard to get our attention you pathetic loser? If he only could hear my thought! Lol.
Seeing him and his behavior during our flight got me thinking. Why do man even get engaged or married, when they can’t be faithful? Who are they trying to impress? What are they trying to prove? Who are they fooling? Why living in denial and pretending to be something that you're not: A faithful, honest, loving and caring partner!

Also what is more pathetic, the ones who flirt with others wearing their ring or those who hide the ring and pretend to be single, while they’re in a relationship?  In my eyes man and woman who cheat (even if it is only in their mind) are both conscienceless and faithless losers. I honestly can’t tolerate such behavior at all. Another thing that I’m often speechless about is how engaged/married man believe that they are actually irresistible and can get any woman they want, regardless of their look, age, fiancés/wife’s and responsibilities. The older they are the more foolish they behave. It’s like their Ego stops their brain from functioning, if you know what I mean? Its like they completly forget their sense for reality!

Back in the days you only had to be worry about "typical relationship killers", your partner cheating on you with a working colleague, the neighbor or in your friends circle. Nowadays thanks to "modern relationship Killers" mobile and the Socialmedia platforms such as Facebook, Flirt and Dating Apps, the chances that your partner is cheating on you are 99%! You dont have to be worry about the people around you anymore, but most certainly worry about people in the world wide web!. Because cheating isn't only kissing, touching or flirting. If you got to delete text messages so your partner won't see them you're already there. You're a cheater and liar!

Meeting someone new and dating has become a major challenge these days. You now have to ask the Person:

The traditional questions:

1. Do you have a girl/boyfriend?
2. Are you engaged?
3. Are you married?
4. Do you plan to have kids?
5. Do you visit red light districts and pay for callgirls/callboys/prostitutes?
6. Do you have mother/father complex?
7. What is your criminal history?
8. Do you have any addictions? Smoking, Drug, Alcohol, Gambling?
9. Have you ever cheated on your partner in a relationship?

The modern questions today:
10. Are you gay/lesbian?
11. Are you B-Sexual?
12. Are you a possible future transgender?
13. Are you a transvestite?
14. Are you a pedophile?
15. Are you a sperm donor?

16. Have you frozen your eggs? Any plans do become a Surrogate mother?
17. Are you one of those “Shades of grey” types?
18. Are you a sadomasochist?
19. Do you like swinger parties?

20. Any mental or sexual diseases? HIV? Syphilis?
21. How many faces do you have?
22. What do you think about emotional & physical domestic violence?
23. Are you a narcissist?
24. Are you schizophrenic?
25. Are you a racist?
26. Any specific Terror plans?
27. Are you mobile, Social media & Selfie-addicted?

Im sure the complete list of questions is much longer than mine. But  seriously, what happened to our society? Where is Love? Where is respect? Where is loyalty? Where is honesty? When did we lose our human values? Let’s face it, it has become impossible to meet a normal partner these days and build a normal and healthy family life and future.

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that on our way from Barcelona city to the Airport we had a very interesting, shocking and eye-opening conversation with our Taxi-driver?
A young Spanish man, 27 years old from Madrid now living and working in Barcelona. Because I quote him: “Barcelona is much more open-minded and international than Madrid. People come here to enjoy life and have fun!”

Well the driver, David destroyed, vanished and burned all my hopes, dreams and desires in true Love once and for all. Want to know why? Well because of his job he gets to meet man and woman from all kinds of countries. As David said they come to Barcelona just to have fun. Married men with children ask him to take them to “lady clubs” during the day to get a massage while their wifes are in the Hotel thinking the husband is in a business meeting. Well, a professional “lady club” was not what made me feel sick and destroyed my trust in man. Its not even the lack of personality or the lack of respect towards their partners feelings and emotions.
It was more the stories about married man from Arabic countries that are married to two women for more than twenty years and ask the driver to take them to “Gay-clubs” where they can choose and book fresh young man. As if that was not enough, they also ask for specific drugs! Isn't it remarkable, how some man behave and act like animals so effortless and guiltless on every possible occasion they get?

Imagining being married to one of those successful and rich man sitting in a 5 Star Hotel waiting for my husband to come back from a “Gay-club” makes me sick to my stomach. As David was saying these men only open their hearts to him, because they are so drunk, that they don’t realize what they’re saying and doing. I told him he should write a book about his experiences and these conversations. It would for sure be a bestseller. Guess what? He liked me idea! Lol.

I honestly don’t know what is worse? My concern about engaged/married man, who behave like pathetic losers by flirting/cheating with others, like the French speaking guy on our flight or these married family man and fathers who visitGay-clubs” behind their woman’s and children’s back? Let me get this straight. Im NOT against gay people. If you don't know my opinion read my post about "Tolerance for gay and transgender people".

My point is if you are gay, good for you. Best of luck. But if you're married and you have a family, than for God sake have respect for your wife and your children.
What do you think? In my opinion cheating on people who trust you, care for you and love you is probably if not definitely the most horrible sin! And thats what bothers me the most.

I think these days it makes more sense to stay single and happy instead of being in a miserable relationship that is based on dishonesty, lies and cheats.  Better alone than being betrayed and emotionally used. Because life is too precious and too short to suffer for nothing. Also Fake-relationships NEVER ever last.

A happy, long and healthy relationship must be based on full trust, honesty, respect and 100% commitment. Anything less than that is a joke and not worth it. It’s just a waste of time, feelings, emotions, energy and dignity! You can run from the truth and honesty, live in denial and pretend. But the reality will always catch you up, sooner than you think!
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