December 01, 2015

Man with lack of respect for Woman like Charlie & Alan Harper

#asklily   Man with lack of respect for Woman like Charlie & Alan Harper

Due to recent events in Paris the personal tragedy of Actor Charlie Sheen seemed somehow meaningless. But in fact it isn’t irrelevant at all. Sheens public interview truly touched my heart. It must have been such an emotional struggle and enormous pressure to talk about something so private in front of the entire world. I was very sad but not really surprised.
Comparing old and recent pictures of Sheen - it was always clear to me that something was wrong with him. But of course I thought like probably many others that he has just changed physically because of his alcohol and drug addiction. It is heartbreaking to see how someone is destroying himself by being ungrateful and acting irresponsible with his body and health!
As we all know every action has consequences.  So it was just a matter of time until Sheen’s exaggerated unhealthy lifestyle and his thoughtless actions would lead to such a tragedy! Sheen would have saved himself and others close to him so much embarrassment if he had acted like a mature adult instead of a hormone-driven teenager. He messed up with his life, his health and his family’s future for nothing!
I don’t know if Charlie Sheen was aware of the value of his interview in a long term. He might have done the live-interview only for his own sake now, but I’m so grateful for his decision. Because it will hopefully be an eye-opener to many man who watch the Sitcom “Two and a half men” admiring Charlie and Alan Harpers character and Lifestyle and thinking that their lack of respect for woman is normal, which obviously is not the case.  

Charlie Harper only a character in a TV Sitcom was somehow always a reflection of Actor and private person Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle.  Sheens tragic destiny now could have easily been the tragic destiny of Charlie Harper if he hadn’t been fired from the show!

This is a lesson for all man who only toy with Woman’s feelings, desires and emotions for their own EGO.  They will now hopefully learn that their lack of respect and their nasty attitude towards woman has tragic consequences. Using woman only as a “public toilet” to get satisfaction is pathetic, nasty and shameful.
I honestly can’t understand how some man; specially those who are in a relationship (engaged or married) can live with their conscious and look at themselves daily in the mirror without throwing up when all they do is cheating, lying and pretending to their partners! Some of them easily deny their actions by down-playing their nasty behavior.

Some Casanovas/Losers with lack of personality, dignity and self-respect don’t even realize what they’re doing and continue their selfish and unpredictable madness without any hesitations and second guessing.
Today on International Aids day 2015, I truly hope that Charlie Sheens fate will Change the ones who only toy with their lifes and with the life of others. I hope man will learn their lesson and stop making a complete fool out of themselves and their ladies. I also hope they will change their nasty attitude towards woman in general and show regret and respect towards their fiancés and wife’s. I hope man start to be honest, responsible and true to themselves and to their ladies before it’s too late like in Sheens case!
Cheaters and liars are not coldhearted. They’re completely heartless! I’m talking here as an emotional victim of cheat and lies myself. I can only have compassion for such selfish thoughtless losers. I pray for their heart to heal and feel at least something. Because no man should have a heart of stone!

It is important to point out that men are not the only ones to blame here. Some woman give shameless, heartless liars and hormone-driven man the chance and opportunity to behave like animals. I have absolutely no compassion for Woman who sell themselves short by playing the "other woman" and letting man cheat on their fiances/wifes behind their back! That's just selfish and thoughtless. But I guess some woman sadly do sell themselves short because they have no self-respect!
My best wishes for Charlie Sheen’s health. I hope he now appreciates his life. Respects woman and learns from his mistakes. He is a wonderful actor and I wish him and his family, specially his kids only the best!

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