November 02, 2015

X-Mas & the vultures = charities


X-Mas & the vultures = charities

It is November 2015 and the closer X-mas gets the more letters we receive from charities in our mail box asking us for money. The sooner X-Mas gets the more TV Ads and Shows ask their audience for donations.

Isn’t it interesting that all year through these charities never contact us, but as soon as the year is almost over and people have to prepare their tax bills, the charities make us aware about the poverty in our world?

They send us sad pictures of kids in Africa, Asia, South America and nowadays pictures from Refugees in Europe to make us feel bad and ashamed.

Until last year my mother and I used to support few of These worldwide recognized charities because we thought we are helping families in need. Also for many years it has been my desire and goal to work in this field. I thought I want to use my skills and do something meaningful in Life. And what is more meaningful and important then helping people in need. Right?
For many years I applied for jobs in this sector, but I was always rejected. It took me years until I finally knew the reason behind it! You will never guess what it was.
I actually write about it in my book “Definition of Freedom” which is NOW available on Amazon in English and in German.
However despite hundreds of refusals, I managed to have two interviews with international organizations that I’m not going to name here. And I must say talking to the people working in this sector was an eye-opener. I always believed that people working in the charity field are angels with a big heart. Generous and giving, selfless, open-minded, religious and compassionate. To my surprise they aren’t.
I have never met more rational thinking people before. While talking to these people I realized that not LOVE and KINDNESS is their motivation but mainly MONEY FOR THEMSELVES!
All they think about is how to manipulate people to get donations by doing market research and targeting clueless donators. The older the better because according to them they are more generous and giving. And if they are over 80 that’s the target of opportunity. Encase they don’t have any relatives to inherit the charity sees huge potential to see CASH as soon as they decease.
They do BEGGING in such a professional way that the majority doesn’t see what’s obvious to me now. What these people are mainly doing is securing their own job positions than helping people in desperate need. While I was working as an unpaid Internship in one of these International organizations a natural catastrophe happened: there was an earthquake. All I can remember is that the head of Communication from this organization was proud that they had managed to collect more donations than all other charities at the same time.
Being competitive is a good thing, but I couldn’t help it. I felt embarrassed while I was listening to their conversations.  I honestly felt sick and completely out of place. While I was looking at them I couldn’t help it but I saw hungry, corrupt, heartless and merciless vultures around the table. So my advice to you is:
If you want to help people in need don’t do it just on X-Mas. Do it all year around.

Don’t do it just because you want to safe TAX or shower your soul and conscious. Do it for honest and selfless reasons. Do it for no other reason than LOVE.

Don’t make donations to charities; instead help people in your surroundings. Your family members, your friends, your neighbor, your community etc. And these days specially the refugees that are entering Europe. It is probably more effective to do volunteer jobs in your community in general than to make just cash payment. Because what many people don’t know is that the Governments are required to support these national and international working charities with a big amount of cash in year. Which again is from your tax payment.
So what you are doing with your donation privately is more likely financing these people jobs in high-paid positions from directors in marketing, mark research to fundraising officers than helping desperate people in need. No offence, but in my opinion these highly educated people in high-paid positions in these charities are more likely ruthless beggars than angels.
Let’s face it this world could be a better place for everyone with a simple solution. If the powerful countries STOP War and STOP selling weapons there wouldn’t be so much poverty in our world. Also major companies have plenty of money that they can invest in humanity rather than spending it on stupid and useless projects.

For example why does NASA have to invest Billions in excursion to mars and the moon while planet Earth is a mess? Haven’t we done enough damage to one planet already?

Why does Hollywood have to spend Billions of Dollars in blockbusters when they can stop poverty, safe lifes, hunger and diseases?

Why do have Telecommunication companies & brands bring out more phones than we already have? Our world is falling apart because of greed and corruption! And the ironic thing is that everyone knows that NONE of us lives forever and we can't take anything with us!

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