November 06, 2015

Music heals your soul!

#asklily  Music heals your soul!

During difficult time’s music is definitely one of the best medicines for the soul. In one of my most hopeless and saddest times where I felt completely stocked and screwed by destiny my only joy was music. Writing about this time now feels like I’m not even writing about myself. The memory of this horrible time is more like a shadow of me.

Kevin performing

In a time where my mum and I didn’t know how to pay our rent and were trying to survive, I met the band Backstreet Boys several times when they were only at the beginning of their careers. Today, they are worldwide known, fully respected and admired musicians. But at the time we met them, nobody knew they would become so successful. I often watched them during rehearsals and talked to them in the catering room backstage.

"Ill never break your heart"

Once, I was even on stage with all of them during a performance of their hit single I’ll never break your heart in front of thousands of screaming teenage fans. 
But I do remember that it wasn’t an easy life being always on the road. It was hard work. To the outside, it seemed like an enviable life, but at least, the boys had a goal in mind and they were lucky enough to have much less obstacles in their way than I did.

on stage!

I had a lot of talents and ambition and I wanted to have a great career, no matter how hard I had to work. But I couldn’t because of my status as a refugee. It made me angry and depressed. I saw other young people follow their dreams and make money with it, while I was financially ruined and had no prospect for any improvement. No one took any notice of me and gave me a chance. It took me quite a while to accept that I did not have the same opportunities or rights as young and free Americans have. I was worthless as a war refugee and trapped in a gilded cage, in oh so wonderful Switzerland. 
Me & Kevin (BSB)
Another thing I envied the Backstreet Boys for was the fact that they had been supported and encouraged from a young age. No matter how talented a young American is and where his interests lie, be it sports, politics, science, medicine, media, etc., they have the opportunity to follow their dreams. They can prepare for any future in college/University and develop freely to become what they want to be. To them, all doors are open.
Every person has different, individual talents and strengths. The Swiss and European education system, however, does not care about the individual person and his or her talents, wishes and goals. Instead of furthering the talents of a person, the youth here are constantly confronted with their weaknesses. It was exactly what my Swiss teacher did to me for years. He basically hated foreigner so he did everything in his power to make my life hell. He made me feel useless, worthless and stupid even though I had many talents in so many different areas. Apart from the fact that our refugee-permit stopped us from doing just about anything, the chances of becoming something as a refugee in Swiss were ZERO. Which ironically still hasn’t changed after all these years. The law is still the same in 2015!
Me & Brian (BSB)
Me & AJ (BSB)
Today I feel fortunate for the experience and great opportunity that I had to meet THE BOYS, one of the most successful boybands ever.  Their music was and still is joy for my soul! Thank you for your great and timeless songs such as “Quit playing games with my heart“, “I want it that way”, “Show me the meaning of being lonely” and Brian my absolute favour song “Shape of my heart”.
Thank you for the “only good” and joyful memories in one of the hardest times in my life where I had to deal with my beloved grandmothers lost and was forced to get married to a man I didn’t love. May each one of you, Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ and your families always be blessed. With all my love!

Me & The Backstreet Boys including Nick Carter & Howie D

As a THANK YOU I gave the boys a drawing (Original size: 70 x 100 cm) which according to Howie D is in their office in Orlando USA. The drawing contains each of their names, birth signs and birth dates.

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