November 04, 2015

What else besides writing helped me to get through difficult times!


Drawing and painting was my way of getting through tough times as an unwanted and unwelcomed refugee. Later as an adult it was my way of survival as an unwanted and hated foreigner.

Dealing with rejection is the story of my life and is probably if not definitely the most painful feeling. And it doesn’t matter who rejects you. Whether it is a country, a law (such as the refugee law), the society (who hates foreigners like many people in Swiss do) or it is a rejection from your own Family, father and siblings. Or if it is someone that you love and care for deeply. Rejection kills your soul. It reaps your heart out. Any rejection is an emotional suicide each time.  
When I was younger drawing with colours helped me to deal with rejection. Today the combination of writing and drawing helps me to heal from rejection. The power of words is my way of self-therapy these days. Such as working on my sweet-bitter romance book “Angel of Love & Lily, Zak my sweet inspiration”.
These are just two of many drawings that were done in 1996, the original size is 50X70 cm. One is expressing that my only hope to ever feel and find Freedom is death! And the other one is expressing how I felt as a Refugee in Switzerland
Almost two decades later, 2015 nothing has changed! Refugees are still being treated like sheet. They are being punished instead of helped. How will their future be in 20 years from now? This is the big question! Will they ever have a normal and fearless life in EU?  Or will they always feel unwanted and displaced like I do?

And here are a few of my drawings with Astrology signs and other topics such as "Stop Aids". Original size: 70 x 100 cm.
Stop Aids

The King of Pop

Birth sign: Virgo

New Yorks Fashion week


Birth sign: Libra

Birth sign: Gemini
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