November 10, 2015

Lily do you actually believe in Angels?

#asklily Lily do you actually believe in Angels? 

Julia Grantham posing with my books
Well my answer will probably surprise you but YES, I do believe in Angels. Otherwise I wouldn't use the word "Angel "in my book titles like "Angel of Hope & Lily" or "Angel of Love & Lily".
And trust me I’m not a dreamer. The opposite I’m actually a rational thinking person. But I had an experience as a child, which I’m writing about it in my book “Destination: Freedom”. I was only five years old, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I won’t get into detail here, but I was awaked in the middle of the night by a male Angel who gave me a message for my mum.

Memoir part
He obviously didn’t have any wings or were wearing shiny clothing. But he looked holly and kind. He was so lovely that I wasn’t even afraid of having a conversation with a total stranger sitting right next to my bed in the middle of the night. I remember he had the most beautiful loving and caring eyes. I was also fascinated by his long eyelashes.
Also my beloved grandmother Taji, my mum’s mother had an experience as an adult. She was in her forties when she was protected by a male Angel too in a very terrifying situation. She had just left work and was on her way back home while there was a military order from the government after a demonstration in the city that nobody was allowed to be on the streets. But my grandmother was stocked and had nowhere to go. She was so afraid and confused that she had forgotten where she lived. There was no one on the street that she could ask and she was frightened to death, when suddenly a handsome man came to her and calmed her down and showed her the way.
Childrens book
My grandmother mentioned that all the military officers who were armed took a step back without asking and let my grandmother and this man walk through and pass. My grandmother said it felt as she had lost the time. Because she had no memory how she ended up in her street. Before she was even capable of saying thank you to the stranger, this handsome looking man dressed all in white had disappeared as quickly as he had showed up and helped her. My grandmother was absolute sure that this man was her guardian Angel. She was so in shock that she lost allot of wait after this incident.

Also my mum and I had an experience together at Zurich Airport which I’m mentioning again in my memoir “Destination: Freedom” and my children’s book “Angel of Hope & Lily” and “Little Lily”. My mum and I we both are convinced that in a moment of desperation we were protected by an Angel. Interestingly again by a male Angel.
But even though I truly and sincerely believe in the existence of Angels, I also believe that everyone of us Humans can be an Angel for someone else too. Anyone can be an Angel by being simply nice, kind and thoughtful. Showing attention to others by giving a compliment or just a smile. A friendly and selfless gesture of kindness by sending a comforting message or showing interest in others wellbeing can change someone’s day or even attitude in a hard times.
Any small and simple action that is true, honest, selfless and comes from the heart can be meaningful for someone in deep need. We all have days where we feel extremely vulnerable, lonely and sad. Sometimes we feel we’re completely useless, unloved, unwanted and hopeless. But a simple action of Love be it large or small, a short phone call, a text message, an email or an honest smile can change someone else’s Life!

That’s why it is my goal, wish and hope to turn my memoir part 1 “Destination: Freedom” and my children’s book “Angel of Hope & Lily ft. Monsieur Jac Couture” into a musical production. I want to show to people that they should never give up Hope and their believe in something higher, in God and the Angels - even in the most difficult times of their life. Of course I also hope that I can be someone else’s Angel or inspiration in hopeless times too maybe with my true stories and my music lyrics like in my book “Angel of Hope-Wings of Tenderness”.

Julia Grantham & Luc in USA

Speaking of gesture of kindness: Yesterday a lovely Tweet-friend of mine Julia Grantham (@JuliaGrantham2) living in USA that I haven’t met YET in person made my day by sending me a beautiful picture of her with three of my books that she had just ordered!

Not only do I feel honored and special that Julia has ordered copies of my book, but much more that she took the effort to take pictures to make me happy! This is a selfless action of kindness and Love which is priceless! Specially these days where people are sadly extremely selfish and self-centered. Again many thanks for your great support Julia. You’re an Angel! God bless you and your beloved ones. xo
So have you done something special and selfless today for someone else? Have you been an Angel for someone in need for Love and attention?
Its never too late to become an Angel too by showing honest love and care!

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