October 24, 2015

Lily who or what encouraged you to continue your writing?


Lily who or what encouraged you to continue your writing? What made you believe in your script after getting rejected by traditional publishing companies?

My mums strong believe, love and encouragement is what kept and still keeps me going. Without her devoted love and incredible support I would end up with depression and never be able to publish one single book. Also every time someone read my script they were touched and I said to me:
“Hey Lily, you should really continue your writing. You touch the reader’s soul with your stories. Continue your work. Don’t let the rejections from Publishing companies and Literary Agents ever stop you from your talent. You’re a good story teller.“

So that’s what I’m doing now. I have so many stories to share and thanks to Amazon I won’t let anyone stop me any longer. I can recommend to any new writer who believes in his/her talent to use the platform. It doesn’t mean that you make money with writing, but at least it gives you something to look forward to.

You start a project and you learn allot about yourself during the process. For me it is a way of escaping from reality and my daily struggles. It is a way of self-therapy. And once I finish my script and see the end result: That’s the moment where no money can buy. The feeling of achievement of something you completely and fully were committed to from A to Z all by yourself is wonderful.

After I published my first children’s book “Peanut & Lily”, my mum and I worked together on my second children’s book “Angel of Hope & Lily” which is based on my memoir “Destination: Freedom”.

The script was written between September 2014 & February 2015. The idea to involve Mr. Jac Couture’s character in to the story was born on September 4.

We started the first sketches in January 2015 and the making of process of the Illustrations was fun for both of us and here we go. The book is available on Amazon in English & German!    

My youngest Reader Cameron is only 5 years old.
Lovely Readers like @juliagrantham are also my motivation!

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