October 05, 2015

Lily what are you working at right now?

Lily what are you working at right now?
In the last six months I worked allot. I finished two Song lyric BooksAngel of Love – Heat my frozen heart”, “Angel of Hope-Wings of tenderness” and my children’s bookAngel of Hope & Lily feat. Monsieur Jac Couture” based on my memoir “Destination: Freedom”.
And I can’t believe it but I also managed to finish my second book of my trilogy “Definition of Freedom” just recently. I worked on it for the last two years and I thought I would never be able to finish it. But I did and I’m very happy to say that it will be soon available in English and in German like my first book “Destination: Freedom”.
Right now I’m working on the second part of my children’s book which is the adventure of Mr. Jac Couture traveling Europe. My mum and I are working on the Illustrations, which is a good balance that I need. Because I’m also working on the last part of my trilogy “Definition of Love”.
Despite my strong feelings for someone very special to me, I realized that I have to completely rewrite my script. I was almost half way through but for my own emotional sake and health I need to make major changes to the script.
The last months were and still are extremely painful. So I have to put an end to my emotional struggle. I want to enjoy the process of my writing and not having sleepless nights because of all the open wounds, disappointments, rejections and humiliations. So I’m starting the script from Zero. Creating new chapters and so on...

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