October 20, 2015

Lily what is your advice to new Indie Authors?


Lily what is your advice to new Indie Authors?
And what are the benefits of Self-publishing with Amazon?
The times were people use to take a self-published writer not serious are definitely over. We live in 2015. So instead of sending your manuscript and waiting to be discovered from someone, discover yourself and believe in your work.

Instead of wasting your time to be rejected by Agents and Publishers spend it on writing. Instead of wasting your money for mailing, spend it later for PR and Marketing for your published book.

Make some research and find a professional proofreading service and other services specifically for self-published authors. And when the product is completed publish it for ZERO cost on Amazon. You have nothing to lose. Also by publishing your script with Amazon you have full control over your product. It means NO one else but you has the last word about the final script. You can publish your (ready for print-script) in just 24 hours. You can decide the sale price of your product, which means you, can decide how much royalty you get.

If you are unsure about the print quality make it like I did. Before I published my first memoir “Destination: Freedom”, I first tried the whole printing and publishing process with a short story.  My loving story about Friendship which is called “Peanut & Lily”.
Peanut is a tiny little cat who has lost her whole Family and is afraid of everything and forlorn about her future. “Peanut & Lily” is my first children’s book and based on a true & loving story and a reminder for kids and adults to take more care of innocent pets!

Once I submitted my files, I ordered a few copies of my book within 48 hours and received it within a few working days by mail. The feeling of holding my own very first printed book in my hands for the very first time was wonderful. I have to say I was and I still am very satisfied with the result. So go on and give it a try! Good Luck! :-) Get “Peanut & Lily” on Amazon as Print Book in English

"Peanut & Lily” on Smashwords as FREE E-book

“Peanut & Lily” the official Book Trailer 


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