October 31, 2015

UK, X-Factor & Simon Cowell making dreams come true

#asklily UK, X-Factor & Simon Cowell making dreams come true

I’m so excited to see the UK X-Factor Live Shows starting tonight. All of the 13 contestants are super talented. Each one has so much talent and personality. But what excites me the most about this show especially in this year 2015 is the fact that three of the final contestants are actually coming from abroad.
The fact that they even got so far even though they’re foreigners proves me how open-minded and welcoming United Kingdom is. Talent is what matters. Not nationality, not age, not sexual orientation, not skin color or religion.  I’m very happy for “4TH Impact”, “Seann Miley Moore” and “Reggie N Bollie”! These talents are coming from the Philippine, Australia and Jamaica. Destiny has brought them to UK, probably one of the most if not THE COUNTRY without prejudice in Europe! Regardless of how they do on the Live-Shows tonight and how far they come, thanks to the British people and Mister Simon Cowell they are welcomed with open arms in a country with all kinds of opportunities for a better life and a better future. My best wishes to all of them.
Let me use this opportunity and share a funny story about Simon Cowell. In 2003 my mother and I were in Los Angeles in the Sony Picture Studios sitting in the Live-audience and watching the recording of the Sitcom “The King of Queens”.
On this day even the fireman police from 9/11 were there as special guests and seating right in the row in front of us. And on my right there was a man sitting and looking around in the audience.  Back than we had absolutely no clue who this man was. But I remember before the show started, the warm up guy repeatedly asked the audience if anyone could sing and that this was an one lifetime opportunity to be discovered. For some reason no one had the guts to stand up. I don’t know if they were afraid, ashamed or irritated because of THIS man sitting in the audience.
However after the show my mum and I even took pictures with the King of Queens played by Kevin James and actress Leah Remini and actor Jerry Stiller
Two months later in London my mum and I went to Madame Tussaud and at last the penny’s dropped and we finally realized who had been sitting in the audience next to us in Los Angeles.

Well now you can guess? 
Yes, it was Mister Simon Cowell himself in person and 3D. I wish we had taken pictures with the original instead of his wax figure! My mum and I we had such a laugh in the middle of Madame Tussaud. Who knows the world is small. Maybe one day we meet again in person. That would be fun! :-)

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