October 28, 2015

Lily how do you reach your target audience? What is your opinion about Social media? Facebook? Twitter and blogging?


Lily how do you reach your target audience? What is your opinion about Social media? Facebook? Twitter and blogging?

I find the creative phase of writing the most joyful and convenient phase. The marketing however, I find enormously stressful. Fact is the hard work starts after you have published your book. Unfortunately absolutely nothing happens, unless you promote your book. Your product is just one of millions on Amazon.

My opinion about Facebook: I don’t see  Socialmedia as an advantage. I see it more as a major challenge.

Honestly I’m not and never was a fan of FB. For me FB is another word for bullying. A time-sucker - waste of precious lifetime!

It is a platform where people show off, pretend to be someone that there not. Pretend to live an awesome happy life and being in a perfectly loving relationship etc. For example I see pictures of couples, where I know that one of the partners is a cheater and it is just ridiculous to see “pretended-happiness-pics” of these couples. I feel ashamed for the partner, who's absolutely clueless. Another huge problem is that people create false profiles and toy with peoples feelings with meaningless words and lies! Have you ever heard about CatfishingAlso Life is too precious to waste it on spying on people’s life’s and privacy, which sadly many FB users do as a fulltime-hobby.

I have an account, but just to present my books. I no longer use it for connecting with people due to personal negative experiences with so called blood-related Family and so called friends! I protect myself from more disappointments and rejections because it is just too hurtful for my heart and soul. I actually write about this topic in my third book of my trilogy “Definition of Love”.

I used Facebook-Ads to promote my books and I wish I haven’t done it. Because it was just wasted money for nothing in return.

My opinion about Twitter: I was very skeptical about it first. But when I started my PR Campaign for my first book “Destination: Freedom”, I was advised to use Twitter by my Publicist. And I’m actually positively surprised. Not only do I get the latest World News, but I also connect with people who don’t show off or pretend to be something that there not like on FB. They either using Twitter for product promotion or to connect with people with the same interests.

For artists, musicians and writers I find it very helpful. I use it almost daily and have found interesting people around the world, which I would never meet in real Life. They are from everywhere: USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and so on and still we’re in touch like we’re neighbors.  

I also used Twitter Ads to promote my books and wouldn’t really advice other Indie-Authors to do it. For me it was again waste of money. There are companies who are specialized in promoting Books of Indie-Authors on Twitter and they promise you allot in advance. But in reality there is no guarantee. The only guarantee is that they make money with you.

Therefore I would say you can’t and shouldn’t just rely on Socialmedia. You need to work with professionals in PR and Marketing. And finding the right, experienced and trustable Agency is not easy at all. You have to invest time for research and obtain quotes. At the end you have to listen to your heart and pray for the best! And still you don't have 100%guarantee that your pr-campaign works out. Luck is the magic word that everyone of us in Life needs regardless of what project we're working on.

My opinion about Blogs: I have just started with this blog here. But I already love it. I can share my thoughts, opinion and experiences with the world and it is kind of a diary for me and for my readers & loyal followers on Twitter @nassimadesign

My opinion about Instagram and all other socilmedia platforms in general:
Time-sucker & perfect for people who like to show off. But of course NO OFFENCE, that's only my personal opinion!

October 26, 2015

Lily you publish your books by Amazon for Zero cost as you said. Are you saying publishing books doesn’t cost an Indie Author anything but time?

Lily you publish your books by Amazon for Zero cost as you said.
Are you saying publishing books doesn’t cost an Indie Author anything but time?

I wish! It is interesting how readers underestimate the whole process of writing and publishing a book. Recently one of my readers asked me how long I needed to finish the first part of my trilogy “Destination: Freedom”. When I answered her that a book can take up to two years she was shocked! She said “What? But why does it take so long?”

I explained to her that the writing process is one thing. But once you’re finished with your final draft you need a professional editing and polishing, a cover and maybe illustration and translation. That takes allot of time. I don’t know how other Indie- Authors do it, but I had to “sacrifice” allot to be able to have my books ready for publishing. For example I didn’t go on Holliday. I only did window-shopping and so on.
I spend all of my savings for professional editing and polishing service and I had to do it in two languages: German and English. The good thing is that I do the designs and Illustrations myself with the support of my mum. For example for my second part of the trilogy “Definition of Freedom”, I took care of the translation from German to English myself. I simply couldn’t afford to hire a professional translator. But the translated version had to be polished by a professional Editor which again cost me money.

So to answer your question:
“No, publishing a book not only costs allot of time, energy and hope. It also costs money if you want to do it right.”

And unfortunately you have no guarantee that the money that you have invested will ever be returned. When you have a Publisher behind you, than you get at least a pre-payment before you start writing and even if you don’t sell one single book later, you haven’t done it for FREE. But as an Indie-Author you can only pray and hope for the best!

October 24, 2015

Lily who or what encouraged you to continue your writing?


Lily who or what encouraged you to continue your writing? What made you believe in your script after getting rejected by traditional publishing companies?

My mums strong believe, love and encouragement is what kept and still keeps me going. Without her devoted love and incredible support I would end up with depression and never be able to publish one single book. Also every time someone read my script they were touched and I said to me:
“Hey Lily, you should really continue your writing. You touch the reader’s soul with your stories. Continue your work. Don’t let the rejections from Publishing companies and Literary Agents ever stop you from your talent. You’re a good story teller.“

So that’s what I’m doing now. I have so many stories to share and thanks to Amazon I won’t let anyone stop me any longer. I can recommend to any new writer who believes in his/her talent to use the platform. It doesn’t mean that you make money with writing, but at least it gives you something to look forward to.

You start a project and you learn allot about yourself during the process. For me it is a way of escaping from reality and my daily struggles. It is a way of self-therapy. And once I finish my script and see the end result: That’s the moment where no money can buy. The feeling of achievement of something you completely and fully were committed to from A to Z all by yourself is wonderful.

After I published my first children’s book “Peanut & Lily”, my mum and I worked together on my second children’s book “Angel of Hope & Lily” which is based on my memoir “Destination: Freedom”.

The script was written between September 2014 & February 2015. The idea to involve Mr. Jac Couture’s character in to the story was born on September 4.

We started the first sketches in January 2015 and the making of process of the Illustrations was fun for both of us and here we go. The book is available on Amazon in English & German!    

My youngest Reader Cameron is only 5 years old.
Lovely Readers like @juliagrantham are also my motivation!

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October 20, 2015

Lily what is your advice to new Indie Authors?


Lily what is your advice to new Indie Authors?
And what are the benefits of Self-publishing with Amazon?
The times were people use to take a self-published writer not serious are definitely over. We live in 2015. So instead of sending your manuscript and waiting to be discovered from someone, discover yourself and believe in your work.

Instead of wasting your time to be rejected by Agents and Publishers spend it on writing. Instead of wasting your money for mailing, spend it later for PR and Marketing for your published book.

Make some research and find a professional proofreading service and other services specifically for self-published authors. And when the product is completed publish it for ZERO cost on Amazon. You have nothing to lose. Also by publishing your script with Amazon you have full control over your product. It means NO one else but you has the last word about the final script. You can publish your (ready for print-script) in just 24 hours. You can decide the sale price of your product, which means you, can decide how much royalty you get.

If you are unsure about the print quality make it like I did. Before I published my first memoir “Destination: Freedom”, I first tried the whole printing and publishing process with a short story.  My loving story about Friendship which is called “Peanut & Lily”.
Peanut is a tiny little cat who has lost her whole Family and is afraid of everything and forlorn about her future. “Peanut & Lily” is my first children’s book and based on a true & loving story and a reminder for kids and adults to take more care of innocent pets!

Once I submitted my files, I ordered a few copies of my book within 48 hours and received it within a few working days by mail. The feeling of holding my own very first printed book in my hands for the very first time was wonderful. I have to say I was and I still am very satisfied with the result. So go on and give it a try! Good Luck! :-) Get “Peanut & Lily” on Amazon as Print Book in English

"Peanut & Lily” on Smashwords as FREE E-book

“Peanut & Lily” the official Book Trailer 


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October 13, 2015

Lily what was your bad experience with the Publishing contract you mentioned in your previous message?


Lily what was your bad experience with the Publishing contract you mentioned in your previous message?

I 2012 I flew to London just to meet with a publisher, who as he said publishes books around the globe. He was introduced to me through an Literary Agent in London. So I was very hopeful. But he seriously asked for a cost-sharing fee for entering my book onto their list for £4,500, to be refunded in full after the sale of 2,000 copies. And as for the royalties, a standard royalty at 10% on the retail price for all copies sold through the book was the deal.

As if that was not shocking enough, the time for producing my first book “Destination: Freedom” (Which I have to mention was already professionally polished and ready for print) in its completed form for booksellers, was estimated between 12 to 18 months. I still have the contract and cannot believe how some writers agree to work with these "Want-2-b" publishing companies.

So last year when I found out about Amazons Publishing program for Independent writers, I thought these days with the possibilities that we have through Internet (professional Manuscript Services, professional online marketing services, Translation service and Social media) why on earth should I even consider working with a publishing company, when I can do everything on my own?

Yes, it is allot of work. And yes you have to put allot of time, believe and energy into it. But hey… you’re doing it for yourself and you don’t have to wait until someday, someone, maybe finally sees the potential in your writing and your stories! So I would recommend to any new writer Go for it. Don't waste your time like I did! 

October 09, 2015

Lily why and when did you decide to self-publish your book?


Lily why and when did you decide to self-publish your book?
Today I answer with absolute certainty and without any hesitation: Why not? I wish I had this opinion earlier. Then I wouldn’t have wasted so much of my time and energy for nothing.
During the last decade I’ve tried everything to get published by a traditional Publishing company in Germany and in United Kingdom. I put allot of effort in finding the right Literary Agent and Publisher across the world. I spend hours, days, months and years on the Internet and on the official Agent Listings. Visited each single one of their websites to find out whether they represent my book genre or not.
Honestly I have no idea how many people I’ve contacted. I think without exaggeration it must have been around 600 people and companies. Maybe, even more. Not only did I spend allot of time, hope and energy, but also allot of money for printing the cover letter and the synopsis, the mail cost etc. Only God knows how much I have spent. I rather don’t think about it. And the result was as you can imagine nothing but disappointment!
Why? Because I only got either a standard rejection mail or nothing. And if I actually got a publishing offer, it was everything but serious. I will share an example with you next time!

October 05, 2015

Lily what are you working at right now?

Lily what are you working at right now?
In the last six months I worked allot. I finished two Song lyric BooksAngel of Love – Heat my frozen heart”, “Angel of Hope-Wings of tenderness” and my children’s bookAngel of Hope & Lily feat. Monsieur Jac Couture” based on my memoir “Destination: Freedom”.
And I can’t believe it but I also managed to finish my second book of my trilogy “Definition of Freedom” just recently. I worked on it for the last two years and I thought I would never be able to finish it. But I did and I’m very happy to say that it will be soon available in English and in German like my first book “Destination: Freedom”.
Right now I’m working on the second part of my children’s book which is the adventure of Mr. Jac Couture traveling Europe. My mum and I are working on the Illustrations, which is a good balance that I need. Because I’m also working on the last part of my trilogy “Definition of Love”.
Despite my strong feelings for someone very special to me, I realized that I have to completely rewrite my script. I was almost half way through but for my own emotional sake and health I need to make major changes to the script.
The last months were and still are extremely painful. So I have to put an end to my emotional struggle. I want to enjoy the process of my writing and not having sleepless nights because of all the open wounds, disappointments, rejections and humiliations. So I’m starting the script from Zero. Creating new chapters and so on...

October 03, 2015

Lily all your books and song lyrics are based on true stories. What do you want to achieve with your books and lyrics?

Lily all your books and song lyrics are based on true stories. What do you want to achieve with your books and lyrics?

Being a self-published Author is challenging. But it is extremely important for me to reach as many readers as possible. Not only because I have to pay like anyone else my monthly expenses and I hope that I can live from writing, but also I want to bring awareness to delicate topics that are in our society and can’t and shouldn’t be denied!

Such as bullying, emotional abuse, sexual harassment, burnout and depression, social isolation, loneliness and dealing with heartless, cruel and Godless people in our society like I have experienced in my second book “Definition of Freedom” which will be soon available in English and in German.

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