September 29, 2015

Lily since when do you write song lyrics and why?

Lily you call yourself an Independent Author & Lyricist.   Since when do you write song lyrics and why?
In 2011, I was doing a stupid job that I hated just to pay my bills. I was working as a call Centre agent and while costumers called and yelled at me on the phone, because of their unpaid bills I had to find a way to survive the days at work. So while I was talking to them and taking care of their problems I started to write song lyrics based on my book “Destination: Freedom”. Because it has always been my goal to produce a musical based on my true story. Like the Musical “The Sound of Music” and that was the beginning of me writing song lyrics.
And this year in spring 2015 a man, who first thawed my empty heart. A man who made me fall in love for the very FIRST time in my entire Life and became the Angel of Love for my frozen heart rejected my feelings. That was extremely hurting, disappointing and humiliating. I was lovesick for months and couldn’t hold back my tears. I felt and still do feel that he is my soulmate and that he’s the one, my love for eternity. I was going to shower him with my limitless love and devotion but he not only rejected my feelings, but also my sincere friendship and deep Love.
The only positive thing is: For the very first time in my life I’m able to write Love lyrics which I put together in a book called “Angel of Love – Heat my frozen heart”. I also wrote a short story about him and me called "Angel of Love & Lily, Zak my sweet inspriation"
It is stunning how you can tell an entire story of a book in one song lyric and touch peoples heart. So this year I have participated at “The UK Songwriting Contest 2015" as a lyricist and I have send three of my song lyrics from both projects.
I’m now very excited to see how my lyrics “Destination:Freedom”, "Remember…Blood is always red” and “My Angel of Love", which is dedicated to Zak will do by professional judges who are Grammy, Emmy, BRIT and CMA Award winning, gold and platinum album producers and artists. Wish me luck! :-)

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