September 18, 2015

Lily, why and when did you start to write?

Lily, why and when did you start to write?
I started with writing ten years ago to deal with my pain, my disappointment and my past as a refugees and my present as a foreigner in a country, where I felt and still feel as an outsider. Writing has become my way of self-therapy to be able to move on with Life.
In the last two years after I had a horrible work experience in a company where I was bullied badly and had to deal with emotional & sexual harassment by self-centered narcissist, I decided to be rather unemployed then emotionally abused.
So I started to focus on one of my most important strengths, which is being extremely honest and talking openly about topics that other people rather suppress and deny to be able to move on. I now talk about subjects like "Refugee" in my first memoir “Destination: Freedom” and I continue my mission in my second and third book “Definition of Freedom” and “Definition of Love”.
Book Cover: Destination:Freedom (first part of a trilogy by Lily Amis)

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