September 29, 2015

Lily since when do you write song lyrics and why?

Lily you call yourself an Independent Author & Lyricist.   Since when do you write song lyrics and why?
In 2011, I was doing a stupid job that I hated just to pay my bills. I was working as a call Centre agent and while costumers called and yelled at me on the phone, because of their unpaid bills I had to find a way to survive the days at work. So while I was talking to them and taking care of their problems I started to write song lyrics based on my book “Destination: Freedom”. Because it has always been my goal to produce a musical based on my true story. Like the Musical “The Sound of Music” and that was the beginning of me writing song lyrics.
And this year in spring 2015 a man, who first thawed my empty heart. A man who made me fall in love for the very FIRST time in my entire Life and became the Angel of Love for my frozen heart rejected my feelings. That was extremely hurting, disappointing and humiliating. I was lovesick for months and couldn’t hold back my tears. I felt and still do feel that he is my soulmate and that he’s the one, my love for eternity. I was going to shower him with my limitless love and devotion but he not only rejected my feelings, but also my sincere friendship and deep Love.
The only positive thing is: For the very first time in my life I’m able to write Love lyrics which I put together in a book called “Angel of Love – Heat my frozen heart”. I also wrote a short story about him and me called "Angel of Love & Lily, Zak my sweet inspriation"
It is stunning how you can tell an entire story of a book in one song lyric and touch peoples heart. So this year I have participated at “The UK Songwriting Contest 2015" as a lyricist and I have send three of my song lyrics from both projects.
I’m now very excited to see how my lyrics “Destination:Freedom”, "Remember…Blood is always red” and “My Angel of Love", which is dedicated to Zak will do by professional judges who are Grammy, Emmy, BRIT and CMA Award winning, gold and platinum album producers and artists. Wish me luck! :-)

September 21, 2015

Lily has writing about topics that are taboo helped you?

Lily has writing about topics that are taboo helped you?
It is certainly good for my soul to let go and write down everything that I have denied and stocked in myself as self-defense for so many years.

But it is not easy to deal with your past and present the way I do. Because I force myself to experience it emotionally all again, which is not easy. Sometimes I can’t work for days on my books, because I realize that everything that happened in the past is still bothering me. And things that are happening in the present are out of my control and too painful.
Time traveling and reliving your past is one thing, facing the pains of today and now is another challenging chapter.

September 18, 2015

Lily, why and when did you start to write?

Lily, why and when did you start to write?
I started with writing ten years ago to deal with my pain, my disappointment and my past as a refugees and my present as a foreigner in a country, where I felt and still feel as an outsider. Writing has become my way of self-therapy to be able to move on with Life.
In the last two years after I had a horrible work experience in a company where I was bullied badly and had to deal with emotional & sexual harassment by self-centered narcissist, I decided to be rather unemployed then emotionally abused.
So I started to focus on one of my most important strengths, which is being extremely honest and talking openly about topics that other people rather suppress and deny to be able to move on. I now talk about subjects like "Refugee" in my first memoir “Destination: Freedom” and I continue my mission in my second and third book “Definition of Freedom” and “Definition of Love”.
Book Cover: Destination:Freedom (first part of a trilogy by Lily Amis)

September 17, 2015

Being an Indie-Author has its benefits, but is also a struggle!


Being an Indie-Author has its benefits, but is also a struggle!

I like to share my own process and experience of becoming an Indie-Author with you and I hope it will inspire new young Indie-Authors, but also make readers realize how important it is to support us.
I’m pretty sure that many; if not most readers have no clue of what it means to be an Independent Author! Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a writer without the financial security and support of a Publishing Company behind you?
Not every Author who lives by social welfare like Joanne K. Rowling (writer of the Harry Potter books) is fortunate to be signed off by a Publishing company who then invests Millions of Dollars in marketing her books and the Merchandisings.
I can’t talk for all the Indie-Author, but I can talk for myself and I assure you that I have not only invested my time, energy, believe and hope in writing, but also all of my savings to fulfill my dream of hopefully one day becoming a successful and independent writer. I sacrificed allot for every single of my books. By now I have managed to publish five books.
Please check out my official website:
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So PLEASE next time when you spend your money on unhealthy products such as buying a package of cigarettes or drinking a glass of beer or wine, remember that you can support and change an Indie-Authors life by buying a book instead of poisoning your body.
Also buying a book of your interest from an Indie-Author is something that will companion you for more than just a few minutes like a cigarette or a glass of Alkohol.
A book can also be an ideal gift for someone special to you and the stories you read will inspire you in your daily life and decisions. Regardless of what you’re reading, whether it is fiction or non-fiction reading is educating yourself. Like music is a loving way to heal your soul. You can escape from the reality of life for a while from whatever is bothering you by reading a book daily.
But it takes thousands of readers until an Indie-Author makes any profits. Because the invested money in the books itself for proofreading, polishing, the book cover design etc. have to be returned first, which can take years until and IF it ever happens.
As an Indie-Author it is also a daily struggle to manage your writing and everything else that comes with it all by yourself. Being an Indie-Author myself for the last two years basically means I’m not only a writer, but also an Illustrator, web publisher and social media Agent.
So in the next days and weeks I will keep posting the most asked questions that I answer in my daily life and get you the chance to see behind the scenes so to say.
So if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to tweet me your questions @nassimadesign.